As you may remember from the last message that I sent out, I wanted to begin covering the metaphysical
causes of common problems that occur in the body.
This basically means the mental, emotional and spiritual causes of common problems in the body and today

I will be talking about something that has bothered everyone at one stage or another: shoulder pain.

According to Louise L. Hay in her book "Heal your body" (Hay House, revised edition 2008):
Shoulder pain represents our ability to carry our experiences in life joyously. We choose to make life a burden
by our attitude.

According to Annette Noontil in her book "The Body is the barometer of the soul" (Brumby Books, 2008):
The Shoulders have to do with literally not shouldering your responsibility.
The left shoulder has to do with guilt that is stopping you from being responsible to understand yourself, so that
you can just be yourself.
The right shoulder is to do with guilt that is causing you to not take responsibility to gain for yourself from whatever you do.

According to my favourite book on this topic "The secret language of your body" (Blue Angel Publishing, 2007) by Inna Segal:
The shoulders are to do with carrying the world on your shoulders. Holding onto too much strain, stress and worry.
Feeling insecure, unsure, frightened, overwhelmed, sad, rejected, distrustful and discouraged.
Easily hurt.
Droopy shoulders indicate lack of joy and fun, seriousness and focusing on problems rather than solutions.

So shoulder problems are often to do with stress and how you are holding this stress and dealing (or not dealing) with it.
I think it really is all to do with attitude. You can choose to allow your problems to become a huge problem to you, so huge in fact, that they actually begin to manifest physically in your body, or you can look for solutions.
Next time your shoulders begin to bother you, look at what is currently a stress or burden in your life and is there are any practical ways in dealing with this. You don't have to physically hold onto these problems.

New sessions that are being offered with Meridian Soul Acupuncture:
I am very happy to announce a new kind of approach that I would like to take to my Acupuncture sessions
based on the work of Dr. Mikio Sankey and his Esoteric Acupuncture techniques.
I feel that my area of expertise and the area that I have the most interest in is Stress and Anxiety issues.
I would like to offer these new sessions for those of you that don't necessarily have symptoms of physical pain but
would like to focus more on energetic balancing.

These sessions all go for an hour and are the typical price of $60 but in these sessions you will recieve an smudging and energy clearing (I will be discussing these in my next email!), then I will lead you through a meditation while your needles are in to help assist the process.

They are as follows:
Emotional Block Clearing Session
Chakra Balance Session
Enenrgy Boost Session
Energy Clearing Session

 There will be more to follow as I develop them but I feel that as my focus in treatment sessions and healing interests are changing, I need to adapt my sessions to follow this.
I will still be offering the typical Acupuncture sessions but these are now available if you would like to change your focus to a more wholistic approach also.

Many, many thanks to you all and I hope to see you soon

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Thank you!
very knowledgeable article and it did help me to figure out the "Why" of my frozen shoulder. I worked a few afternoons on my issues, EFT mostly, and if the tension is not totally gone yet, i noticeably feel better and lighter.

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Thank you so much for this page - I will certainly look at the rest of your site. I recently broke my shoulder and this, combined with L. Hay's writing on fractures and right side of body give me everything I need to figure this accident out! I love how you present the three sources - very complete and comprehensive. Thank you!!


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